Practising and teaching Yoga is a way of life.

The Yoga Training Zurich offers you
the ideal base on your path.

Hi, we are Chris, Clive and Lea - your team at The Yoga Training Zurich.
We give everything for our students - starting with mentoring and ending with teaching.

Our training is not just for those who wish to walk away as teachers,
but also for those looking to deepen self-inquiry.

In 2005, Clive launched the International Yoga Teacher Program in collaboration with AIRYOGA - at that time in Switzerland the first training recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Alongside Lance Schuler and Glenn Ceresoli, Clive himself also acted as a teacher. This program was the first of a series of other trainings conducted under Clive's direction in Switzerland and Germany. The last training under the name International Yoga Teacher Program in collaboration with Alexa Le was successfully completed in early 2020. With Lea and Chris a new team with a fresh wind formed in spring 2020. Together they successfully launched the new project The Yoga Training Zurich.

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YTT 2021/22 already booked out
contact us for news and updates for 2022/23

The Yoga Training Zurich is a unique 200hs yoga teacher training under the guidance of Clive Radda. The program combines traditional knowledge with the latest findings in health and anatomy. You will learn the basics of yoga, asanas pranayama, meditation and philosophy as well es how to teach them.

Apart from teaching techniques and the ancient yoga, The Yoga Training Zurich the training is mainly about you, your personal practice and development - on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

The training is also aimed at yoga practitioners who do not wish to teach directly, but have the desire to take their practice to the next level and deepen their knowledge in order to integrate yoga more deeply into their lives in a holistic way.

This unique training lays the appropriate foundation and prepares you optimally to expand your knowledge, deepen your practice and finally to be able to pass on these experiences.

The training itself is led by Clive Radda, an internationally recognized, experienced yoga teacher and body therapist, as well as various renowned guest teachers, so far having included Michael Hamilton and Federico Blardone, who will accompany you intensively on this path.

The program offers a solid foundation for teaching Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. It comprises a total of 200 contact hours and, after successful completion of the final examination, you will be able to register as a RYT 200 yoga teacher with the world's largest yoga association Yoga-Allinace.

Our 7-day retreat will also allow you to deepen your practice and consolidate your knowledge. By applying the content you have learned, you will gain even more experience and be able to integrate this new knowledge.

Exam participation and registration with Yoga Alliance is not mandatory.



  • History and development

  • Important writings from the science of Yoga


  • Basic terms of Sanskrit

  • Teaching of the most important sutras, gods and principles of Hinduism

  • Tantric teaching of Yoga


  • Tantric teaching of Yoga

  • Understanding of Yoga in the western world


  • Getting to know and practicing different styles (Hatha, Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Yin) and the development of different styles over time


  • Basics of Yoga Anatomy


  • Practice and theory, correct alignment and adjustments

  • Effects and the meaning of the poses

  • Use and application of props


  • Introduction to the basics of different breathing techniques


  • Basic principles of meditation and mindfulness

Teaching techniques and methodology

  • Find your style of teaching

  • Teaching techniques and methodology

  • Sequencing and planning

  • Adjusting poses

  • Psychological basics of teaching

  • Dealing with challenges

Yoga in everyday life

  • Practice of Karma Yoga

  • Positioning and marketing of Yoga

Personal development

  • Reflection and integration in everyday life

You can also expect

  • personal assistance during the training to support the own development process

  • an exclusive manual (preparation and follow-up)

  • Exercise and reflection possibilities of the teaching modules

  • Intensive training week to integrate and deepen the entire program


Clive Radda

Clive was born in 1968 in Barcelona, Spain, and grew up in India and Ibiza. At a young age his father already taught him Hatha and Jñana Yoga, whilst his mother introduced him to the art of healing .

After training martial arts for ten years in Brazil, Switzerland, Thailand, China and Taiwan, Clive began practicing Iyengar yoga in Thailand under a Taoist yogi. For more than twelve years Clive Sheridan was his teacher.

In 2002 Clive completed the Yoga Arts Teacher Training in Bali and Byron Bay. Later, two further trainings with Ana Forrest in the USA were added. Since 2006 Clive has been a student of Glenn Black and participated in his training in Costa Rica. Clive has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and has shared his knowledge in many large fitness centers in Zurich as well as in well-known yoga studios in Zurich and Switzerland.

Clive teaches physically challenging, intense classes that incorporate a wide variety of movement. He places as much emphasis on conscious breathing as he does on wearing a smile and having joy - whether on the yoga mat or in life in general.

Clive's gratitude particularly goes to:


  • Clive Sheridan – for the tantras, pranayamas and pushes

  • Louisa Sear - for inspiration and Ashtanga

  • BNS Iyengar - for the «Indian way» and Ashtanga

  • Lance Schuler - for conveying the positive power of asanas

  • Glenn Ceresoli - for the «correct» alignment

  • Martyn Hoogstra - for the humbleness and a good deep flow

  • Ana Forrest - for teaching how to teach and for showing the power of core training

  • Dharma Mittra - for illustrating how to be physical and spiritual at the same time

  • Glenn Black - for eye- and body-openers


  • Khyapa Baba - for the opportunity to finally meet a true guru for tantra and tantric meditations

More about Clive:

Clives Classes

All info regarding Clives classes you'll find on his website or social media.


Assistant Teacher

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Yoga for Lea is not only the practice of asana. She practices and teaches yoga just as passionately as she is professionally committed to helping socially marginalized people. For Lea, yoga is a holistic art of living, a philosophy of being, a constant examination of the way of life on and off the mat.

Her practice and classes are influenced by the traditional teachings of Ashtanga Yoga, as well as her yin yoga teacher training.

For Lea, teaching means to be able to pass on the transformation of her knowledge from teaching and experience to her students. Despite all the seriousness for the practice, whoever knows Lea knows that there is a lot of laughter with and by her.

In addition to her active assistance, Lea is responsible for the smooth running and organization of The Yoga Training Zurich. She is happy to receive your questions and concerns and helps with the preparation and follow-up of the material from the training program.

More about Lea:

Leas Classes

All info regarding Leas classes you'll find on her website:


Assistant Teacher

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Chris likes to deal with the confrontation of being and life. For him yoga does not end with rolling up the mat, he strives to integrate the teachings of yoga into his everyday life.

His practice is enriched by a spirit of exploration and experimentation. Meditation and pranayama have long since complemented and determine his daily disciplines. His teaching is influenced by his creative spirit of discovery and yet remains yoga.

Chris is continuously interested in expanding and deepening his knowledge. The fascination of the subject and the enrichment of experiences finally led to the decision to pass it on.

In the team of The Yoga Training Zurich., Chris has taken over the responsibility for the aesthetics and is involved in the structural shaping of the training. Like Lea, he will assist, be the contact person on site and support the participants during their training.

More about Chris:

Chris Classes

Wednesdays: Vinyasa (Open Level)

*Info for Chris classes via his Whatsapp-Channel:
Yoga with Chris - Channel

Guest Teachers

Michael Hamilton

Michael was born and raised in Cape Town, where he learned martial arts at the age of six. It led to his interest in physical practice and Eastern philosophy as well as meditation. After studying history, art history, philosophy and English literature at university, his interest shifted to the ancient teachings of India, especially Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta which took him to India and North America, where he deepened his knowledge of yoga, Zen meditation and Darshans with Advaita teachers. From Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Michael obtained the teaching license for Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India. His current teachers are Richard Freeman and Doug Keller. After the death of his Zen teacher Daido Loori Roshi, Michael started focusing on Vipassana meditation according to the tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw.

Michaels Webseite

Federico Blardone

Federico was born and raised in Italy. At the age of 21, he moved to Australia where he began practising Ashtanga Yoga under the guidance of Eileen Hall for around 6 years. There, he also completed his Diplomas of sports science and a medical degree in Myofascial therapy. While working in a sports clinic mostly on rehabilitation he began teaching Ashtanga Yoga in 2015. Under the guidance of present teacher Sri Parveen Nair he moved onto somatic movements, inborn movement patterns and alignment-based Yoga in 2018. In 2018 he moved to China to teach Yoga and co-founded Yoga Sadhana China. Along with the profound studies of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, Federico began studying Vedantic philosophy with a focus on Advaita Vedanta.

Federico on Instagram

Claudia Vögelin

Strength. Agility. Control. Relaxation. Breathing. The best way to exhibit competence is to be competent. Claudia is a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor. She also specializes in and lectures with Moovefit in the areas of pregnancy, back formation, rectus diastasis, pelvic floor, outdoor fitness and trapeze yoga. She is a certified wellness trainer and also advises on nutrition and relaxation. At The Yoga Training Zurich Yoga she teaches the yoga basics regarding pregnancy, postpartum, rectus diastasis and the anatomy of the pelvic floor.

Claudias Webseite

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The Space

The modules take place at the Stadtoase at Tobelhofstrasse 21 in 8044 Zurich.

Our retreat Space in Trogen

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The training is held in English. Translations and explanations in German are possible as long as they do not disturb the lessons.

The manual is provided in either German or English and the exam can also be taken in either German or English.

Prerequisites for participation are regular yoga practice, and the desire for physical and mental development.

Dates 2021/22*

main modules (3 days)

22.10. - 24.10.2021 (FRI-SUN)
19.11. - 21.11.2021 (FRI-SUN)
10.12. - 12.12.2021 (FRI-SUN)
07.01. - 09.01.2022 (FRI-SUN)
28.01. - 30.01.2022 (FRI-SUN)

side modules (1 day)

06.11.2021 (SAT)
27.11.2021 (SAT)
18.12.2021 (SAT)

retreat (7d/6n)
20.02. - 27.02.2022 (SUN-SUN)

exam and closing
17.03. - 20.03.2022 (THU-SUN)

*Subject to change


The costs for the entire 200-hour training is:
CHF 4250 including Retreat + Manual
(CHF 250 admission fee and 4000 course fee)

The payment modalities are either in installments or one-time payment.

The price includes accommodation in shared rooms during the retreat. Single rooms can be requested at an additional cost. (Subject to availability). Transportation to Trogen not included.

If required, we are happy to offer a Karma Yoga place at reduced rates. This requires a personal interview.


"Yes, I am in!"
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Contact us and we will be happy to advise you whether this yoga teacher training is for you. Reach us under

or reach Clive at this number:

+41 79 345 95 82

Further information and registration

In order to be able to promote the personal development of each participant individually, the number of places is limited. Early registration is therefore advisable.

Of course we are also looking forward to getting to know you in a personal conversation.